On Maintaining Mental Health in the Midst of Chaos


Embrace minimalism pt.2 –  Do less in your business

Optimize, automate, outsource. (coming soon).

Get out of your head and out of the house

The impractical knowledge trap.

Doing the things I don’t know how to do. 

Resourcefulness mindset during an overnight stopover in Shanghai.

Embrace minimalism

to make room for what’s actually important in life. (coming soon)

Self-awareness is the key to success.

Because the world needs more crazed revolutionaries conscious young people.

I know that all of my enterprises will fail.

Understanding wantrepreneurship. (coming soon)

Life sucks. Get over it.

We’re like little kids all grown up in adult bodies.

Disapproval as a marker for growth

Thou shalt love thy haters

Lies we tell ourselves

… as to why we can’t do something.